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Month: July 2015

My digital desk for Members of Parliament (Part-2)

We will cover more features available under My Digital Desk for Members of Parliament. With each feature addition, our goal is to make the life of MP as easy as possible in everything they do as Parliamentarian; focused more towards representing their own Parliamentary constituency and the Citizens. Durable asset gallery Durable assets created by using MPLADS funds can easily be shared by Members of Parliament with constituents across the country. From solar street lights to roads and water pumps – sharing of durable assets is as easy as posting a tweet on Twitter. Unlimited quota is available to...

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My digital desk for Members of Parliament (Part-1)

Helping out Members of Parliament with all the Governance tasks. Everyone talks about difficulty the Citizenry face, but not our MP’s. Going through some common problems they face and How we intend to help them through the Digital Desk. Complaints from Citizenry Don’t we think it is impossible to meet everyone once elected (think about the population within a constituency). Common complaint we here from Citizenry on How difficult it is to locate & meet the Member of Parliament for their constituency and so as Member of Legislative assemblies. For now our focus is MP’s – Lower & Upper...

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